Your Training Equals Your Reaction

The US military is the best-trained force in the world. Military leaders learned the importance of focused training through intensive study of engagements past and present. Years ago, military basic training was little more than teaching recruits how to wear the uniform and handle a firearm. Today, the US military quickly brings its members into a program of highly focused training for the position they fill.

When a crisis situation happens, how many times have first responders said, “my training just kicked in and I did my job without thought to what was going on around me.” Ladies and gentlemen, if people in the world say this, how much more should we as members of the powerful Body of Christ do so?  We will be able to say this to the degree that we are trained, and walk in that training!

Kingdom Life Institute (KLI), the training arm of Faith Outreach Center International, is dedicated to providing the focused training you need. We understand the urgency of getting you equipped. There is a battle raging today unlike any other time in history. Our passion at KLI is to not only provide a biblical foundation for you, but also show you how to step into the very important place that the Lord Jesus intended for you to operate in. We train students for success in life & ministry!

KLI Track I classes focus on “Mastering the Basics”. This level of instruction is for everyone, but especially those who have never attended a structured biblical training program. Classes are held on Tuesday evenings and run from September through May. We also offer courses through the KLI Video School. Click for more information on the courses offered! The Lord wants to pour some key truths to you through the Track I program, so don’t wait. Sign up today!

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