What is Your Purpose

What Is Your Purpose?

Our family has a three year old brown Labrador named “Nutmeg”. Someone dumped her and her pups near our property a year or so ago. They were the losers, let me tell you! She is a great dog! I call her my “chocolate dog”.

Nutmeg lives for two things, to eat and to play ball. We have a collection of tennis balls that are hers. When I grab one of the balls, she comes to life! One time we even had a debate within our family as to what Nutmeg likes better; to play ball or to eat. We put a bowl of food in front of her and then threw the ball. The food won hands down!

As I was playing ball with Nutmeg one day, the Lord began to speak to my heart about some things. The things of the Kingdom are very simple. We just need to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit as He instructs us. I was reminded of times when I am not able to play with Nutmeg for extended periods of time. I am frequently away at work or busy with different things and cannot play with her. She mopes around the house and looks depressed. As this was brought back to my remembrance, I was shown how Nutmeg is not really happy unless she is able to do what she was made to do. She is happiest when she is running after her ball and bringing it back to me. She is wired for that!

Nutmeg is a great example of how people cannot be truly satisfied and happy in life unless they are fulfilling their God given purpose on the Earth. As soon as I throw the ball for Nutmeg, she will give everything she has to get the ball and return it to me. It does not matter how tired she is, she is driven by something deep within her to get that ball. If she loses track of the ball, she will spend all day searching for it. When she finds it, she brings it back “with a smile” on her face and a sense of accomplishment in her wagging tail. It means everything to her to do what she was made to do. We are absolutely no different, precious ones!

Parents, teachers, and even “professionals” encourage young people to follow a certain track in their lives. Though given with good intentions, their counsel often has absolutely nothing to do with God’s purpose for their lives. The only way to know the track each person should be on is by revelation from the King of Kings. The truth is, most people live and die never having fulfilled their purpose for being in the world. This is why a cemetery is so sad to me. The vast majority of those people lived and died… never having fulfilled their purpose. Please think about that and let it soak in.

Kingdom Life Institute, the training ministry of Faith Outreach Center International, is dedicated to helping the believer discern and step into their purpose in life. The Track I “in residence” program entitled “Mastering the Basics” is held on Tuesday evenings and runs from September through May. The KLI Video School was developed to provide courses to students who are unable to come to the classroom. These courses are 100% self-paced and internet based. Don’t delay, get involved in KLI and start on that path of walking in the purpose for your life. Not only will you benefit, but the outflow of you functioning in your purpose will make a huge positive impact on those around you. What are you waiting for?

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