Carlos Silva

I credit KLI for the growth in my life. I now serve the Kingdom of God as a prison minister, porter, and deacon candidate. Prior to attending KLI, my reading skills were not good, but after I began attending, my focus, comprehension, reading and meditating skills have increased drastically. I am now an ‘A’ student!

Prior to attending KLI, my personal and professional lives were very unstable. Since attending KLI, stability has become the norm rather then the exception. My professional life has so improved that I have had the same job for 13 years; am well respected by coworkers, and have been honored by promotion.  One particular course that I took was named ‘God’s Plan for Money’. That course so changed my financial life that I went from struggling financially to prospering. The knowledge and growth I gained through KLI have caused some unsaved family members to become believers, and others to come to me with questions and concerns about spiritual matters.

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