Poor Birds…

Not too long ago, I watched a flock of hungry birds go to a man’s house. Though the homeowner did not feed the birds the proper food; I was amazed how much food he made available. He even made cute little activities for the birds so they would continue to come to his house. You could almost see the birds smiling. They just loved it! As I returned to the house from time to time to watch the birds, I noted that they were still coming in great numbers, but despite the amount they were eating, they were looking weak and sluggish. As I returned early one morning, I was horrified to see a predator waiting in the tall grass to pounce on a bird that was too busy eating his fill to notice. As soon as the bird saw the attacker coming, he tried to fly, but just did not have the strength. He hopped around and squawked, but to no avail. The predator had him, and was hauling him off for his next meal. My heart sank for the little bird.

Folks, just because you think you are being “well fed” at a church with lots of activities does not mean you are getting the food that really makes you strong. When the enemy comes, those who have not been fed a regular ongoing diet in the Word of God will not be able to fly. In fact, they may very well become the next meal for the destroyer. Kingdom Life Institute, a ministry of Faith Outreach Center International, is a Bible school dedicated to feeding the uncompromised Word of God to those who are hungry. If you are hungry, come and feast at the table of the Lord and get grounded in the things of God. When the enemy comes, and he will, you will be ready to wield the “sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.” Video school courses are available for you to start today!

About the Author
Rick is the father of nine children and has been married for 39 years. He is an Elder and the Chief Financial Officer of Faith Outreach Center International. He is an instructor in Kingdom Life Institute and is the school's Dean of Administration. He resides in Boerne, Texas.
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    Amen. Feast on God”s Word and you’ll never hunger again.

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