Q: Is the KLI Mastering the Basics program only for those who attend Faith Outreach Center International?

A: Absolutely not! KLI is based at Faith Outreach Center but we serve the entire city of San Antonio and surrounding areas. With our Video School, we are able to provide our quality content to anyone who wants it!


Q: I understand classes are recorded. How can I watch them?

A: At this time, we only record classroom sessions so that students may go back and review material that was presented in class. If a student misses a class, they may not only watch the video, but they may also download lesson handouts that were provided during that class. When a student enrolls in the KLI “in residence” courses, we will set up a student portal which may be accessed through any modern browser. From that portal, students may go to the course they are enrolled in to watch the recordings, download handouts, review their grades, see their student ledger, and make payments using a credit card or check (ACH). Students enrolled in the KLI Video School may access their courses for the full period allowed to take the course.


Q: I tried to access the video on my computer but get an error. Does KLI provide support for that?

A: There may be any number of reasons why a web browser does not perform as expected. Videos are encoded to be available on any modern web browser. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide individualized support to resolve this.


Q: I am over 50 and have been out of school for many years. I’m afraid I won’t be able to handle going back to school again. Is there a maximum recommended age for students?

A: Great question! Want some really good news? Come to class! We’ve seen students attend and successfully complete classes who were well into their 70’s! Unlike secular education, our courses are centered on the study of the Word of God. The Lord Jesus did not say that learning the Bible was only for young people, did He? No, He said through the Apostle Paul in II Timothy 2:15 that we are to “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” The Holy Spirit will help you to not only learn, but remember what you’ve learned. These classes are life changing, so please attend… no matter how old you are! You’ll be amazed at the results you’ll see, but then again, the Lord Jesus is amazing!


Q: I want to attend KLI but only want to take one course. Is that possible?

A: Yes! Students may take one, two, or all three Mastering the Basics evening courses each quarter. We strongly urge students to devote a single evening and take all three courses. Being immersed in an environment where the Word is taught changes lives. Want to jump start your walk with the Lord? Sign up for all three and get going!


Q: I am not sure I can afford going to KLI. Do I have to pay for the classes all at once?

A: No you don’t! Tuition is due in full by the first night, but we have a School Payment Plan to help students make payments throughout the quarter. We are not currently charging extra for those who make payments, so take advantage of this offer while it lasts! We want each student to be able to attend, so we make it as easy as possible.


Q: How much does it cost to get started?

A: You may reserve your place in class by simply completing the registration form and paying the $50 school-year registration fee. That’s it! The next tuition payment will be due on the first night of class.


Q: What do classes cost?

A: We have priced the classes very reasonably (we almost give them away) so our students can afford to get the training they need. Please click here to get all the details (Tuition & Fees).


Q: Can I pay for classes using a credit card?

A: Yes! Once enrolled, students will be provided a login to our KLI Student Portal. Once there, students may make a single payment, or set up a recurring payment.


Q: Do you take other forms of payment as well?

A: Yes! We accept cash and checks. Those forms of payment will be received by our staff and the payment manually posted to the student account.


Q: Are there any additional expenses for attending Mastering the Basics?

A: Tuition covers all classroom costs. Students who wish to participate in class pictures and the end of the year graduation ceremony will incur small additional expenses. In addition, students who wish to purchase books may do so at a discount through the school bookstore!


Q: Once I am attending classes, can I see my grades? 

A: Sure! Simply log in to the Student Portal!


Q: I want to start attending classes, but I am starting in the middle of a quarter. Do I have to wait until the following school year to start attending?

A: Absolutely not! Simply sign up for the next quarter and begin right there. Those classes you missed will begin again the next school year, so just take them at that time to finish your program! Better yet, check out our KLI Video School. We are continually adding courses!


Q: I heard there is a cap and gown graduation ceremony for those who finish the program. Is that true?

A: You heard right! Students who successfully complete all 12 Mastering the Basics courses and satisfy their financial obligations will be invited to participate in the formal graduation ceremony. This is an exciting time for our students to be recognized as having completed the full program. We’ve had students who never  graduated from anything, so it was really a big accomplishment for them to graduate during our ceremony!


Q: I have friends and family who want to attend KLI but are not in the San Antonio area. Is there a way for them to do so?

A: Yes! The KLI Video School was developed for just this scenario! We also have many situations where students want to attend class, but work hours do not permit class attendance. Our Video School makes it possible for students from around the world to take classes online from anywhere they can access an internet connection!


Q: Before I found out about KLI, I saw another Bible school was charging per class instead of per course. Do you charge per class as well? 

A: No. Our tuition is per course, period. We have made our tuition costs very low to help everyone attend who wants to. Some schools have a very high course drop rate, so they make up for it by selling each class. Those who attend our classes are hungry to know who they are in Christ Jesus, and what He did for them by His death, burial, and resurrection. Those who come hungry will be fed, and they will not want to leave!


Q: I am thrilled by what you are doing at KLI and want to donate to help the ministry of the school reach even more students. How can I do that?

A: Thank you very much! We count it an honor to serve the precious Word of God to our students. Your tax deductible donation may be made through a gift made directly to the KLI Worldwide Expansion Fund. Simply enter your name, donation amount, and payment information. One hundred percent of these donations will go to help others attend these life-changing courses. Thank you again!