Growing Up Spiritually

Walking through life with righteousness, peace, and joy is what the Lord wants his people to experience. This course provides very practical instruction on what steps the believer should take in living in this reality. This is a foundational course that everyone should attend.


The Person of the Holy Spirit I

The student will learn that the precious & mighty Holy Spirit is a person, not just an impersonal force. We will also focus on why flowing with Him is vital for each believer today.


Experiencing God

This course helps students experience the kind of intimate relationship with the Lord that He originally intended man to have. Through this relationship, students will be able to understand and apply His will for their lives.


What is the Gospel?

Students will learn that the gospel is the foundation of all faith and relationship with God. Everything that we receive from God, must be received through a proper understanding of the gospel. This course is a “must attend” for all believers.


Principles of Prayer

Is there a right and wrong way to pray? The right steps to prayer from God’s Word will be shared in this course.


Faith I

These courses will not only teach you how to recognize biblical faith, but also how to put true faith into practice on a daily basis. Faith is the foundation which we live as believers. It is the building block for everything we do regarding the Kingdom of God.