Are You Wearing Chains? – Part II


Are you one of those who is wearing those heavy chains and don’t know it? Take this simple test to find out:

Before paying other bills, do you tithe first (the biblical 10%) out of your income and give offerings on a consistent basis?
If you use credit cards, do you pay the statement balance in full each month?
After paying bills, do you have funds available each month to do whatever you want?
Is your car/truck, student loan, and other previous loans completely paid off?

If the answer to any of the above is no, then it is very likely you’re in bondage… whether you believe and accept this fact or not! Deliverance is available, and begins with a decision on your part to change.

Men: we’ve got to stand up and take aim at this threat to our families. Most of us do not need to get second (or third) jobs. The truth is we simply need to plug the holes in our pockets and be stewards of what we’ve been given! It is not God’s will that we spend so much time away from our families. How can we minister to our families when we have to drag ourselves home each night and collapse. The pressure of finances has killed many ministries, family relationships, and dreams… but does not have to kill yours! Trust in the Lord. Do things His way. Be prepared to change the way you think about stewardship. We cover this and much more in the two courses called “God’s Plan for Finances” in the Kingdom Life Institute Mastering the Basics program.  Be sure to sign up for both! To get started right now, here is what you can do:

You and your wife need to get up early in the morning before everyone else in the house does

• Hold her hand and pray with her asking the Father God to bless her

• Admit your unfaithfulness to the Lord and your wife for not being a good steward of His things

• Ask both the Lord Jesus and your wife to forgive you for not managing things correctly

• After receiving the Lord’s forgiveness, ask Him to give you and your wife wisdom from on High to manage His resources

• Be prepared to follow the Lord’s guidance. He blesses obedience.

• Begin to diligently study God’s Word to see what He says about finances, stewardship, debt, and riches

Once you do this, you and your wife can begin rebuilding your lives the right way. You’ve done things your way and you see the result! Now it’s time to do things His way. This, my dear friend, is the beginning of a wonderful new adventure in life. You’ll never be the same again. Thank God for that! Once you start, never look back, but look forward to seeing the wonderful hand of the Lord moving in your life. He paid the price for your deliverance and success. It is time to agree with Him and move up out of that hole without those heavy chains into the wonderful light of freedom! Click here for information on courses offered through the KLI Video School!

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