Are You Wearing Chains? – Part I

Chains1Despite his extremely busy schedule, there was a man who faithfully attended church each week. This man loved the Lord, and knew in his heart that answers to all of his problems were close at hand, but he never could quite grasp them. Time and time again he would get very close to having things work out then see them slip away. Though he worked as hard as he possibly could, the man grew increasingly frustrated with his life. Many times he would go to church and push aside the mountain of heartaches while he lifted his hands in thanksgiving to God. Every time he did this, it seemed like his arms weighed 100 pounds each. When his family was in trouble, he tried to run to their aid but could not. Like a bad dream, it seemed as though his body weighed 500 pounds and he was running through sand at the beach. He could not move. Day after day he dragged himself out of bed exhausted. In time, he was continually out of breath and barely had energy to drag himself to work and back each day. Though he did not understand why, he was continually angry with his family (and sometimes at the Lord Himself) for demanding more of him than he could possibly give. “Why is this happening to me?” he would ask himself.


Though invisible, what this man did not know was he was covered by very heavy chains. The chains not only were heavy, but they limited his free movement. While at seeking the Lord at church one day, this man was looking around the church sanctuary when the Lord suddenly opened his eyes. He was astonished to see how many of the men in the fellowship were covered by chains. These men were staggering under the heavy weight of the chains which had them bound. At that very moment, he looked down and saw the same chains hanging on him! In a moment of time, he saw the chains as the reason he was so tired all the time, but he did not understand what they meant or why they were there.


Men: If a thief were to break into your house, would you stand up for your family by jumping into battle to protect your family, or would you be a wimp… standing by while the intruder ransacked your place and threatened your wife and children? Think carefully about your answer for a moment. You may be shocked!


The shocking reality is the man portrayed here is the typical believer today. Sadly, the Body of Christ has accepted  sin, and in this case, financial bondage as necessary way of life. As such, they have allowed the thief to enter their house to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10) Most people have been conditioned to see the chains as a necessary part of daily life. This is not so! Just because everyone else does something, don’t fall into the trap that you must be like them as well! The Lord gave each of us a brain, so we must think for ourselves. We absolutely must stop letting others do our thinking for us. We MUST do our own homework and research as we seek the Lord for ourselves. Click here to learn more about the courses offered through the KLI Video School!

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  1. Jesyca Medellin Reply

    True that! We dishonor our Lord and Savior when we walk around daily wallowing in self pity. Agree with what heavens says, declare the truth of God’s word over your life! Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth! We are seated with Christ in heavenly places.

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